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About Us - Thistle Ceremonies SCIO

Born out of necessity to help those most in need in Scotland, at one of lifes most difficult times.

Thistle Ceremonies SCIO was initially thought up by the founding members of Thistle Ceremonies Trading Ltd. The organisation was created to provide Humanist ceremonies for those who not only wanted a different kind of ceremony for all of life's occassions, but also wanted to give something back to society.

All profits from Thistle Ceremonies Trading Ltd are given direct to our charity so we can help fight funeral poverty and raise awareness, with the hope that in the future we will be able to help eradicate this life changing issue in Scotland.

If you feel that you are affected by funeral poverty, please feel free to contact us.

A Story of Funeral Poverty

Below is a typical case study of funeral poverty in Scotland.

The Mackenzie family, living in Edinburgh, Scotland, encountered a devastating blow when their beloved mother, Mrs. Fiona Mackenzie, passed away after a long illness. With limited financial resources, the family found themselves confronting the harsh realities of funeral poverty.

Mrs. Mackenzie, a former primary school teacher, was the heart of her family, which included her husband, Mr. Alastair Mackenzie, and their three children. They had little savings, and the cost of a basic funeral, which in Edinburgh can range from £3,000 to £4,000, was well beyond their means and they did not qualify for the Scottish Funeral Grant.

The Mackenzies faced significant financial pressure. They considered options like a public health funeral, which offered minimal services, or taking on a loan which would only increase their outgoings. The stress of affording funeral expenses compounded their grief and caused considerable distress.

The emotional burden on the family was profound. The children, particularly the youngest, struggled to understand why they could not afford a proper send-off for their mother. Mr. Mackenzie grappled with grief and the guilt of not being able to provide the funeral he believed his wife deserved. This situation led to a sense of isolation and shame, as they were reluctant to share their struggles with friends and the wider community.

The family eventually sought help from the Thistle charity in East Dunbartonshire that assists families facing funeral poverty. The charity offered financial aid, guidance on arranging cost-effective funerals, and signposting to emotional support. This support was vital in helping the Mackenzie family navigate this challenging period.

With the charity's assistance, the family organised a modest but respectful funeral for Mrs. Mackenzie. They also received financial counselling and were connected with support networks, which helped them manage their ongoing financial challenges and emotional healing.

“Helping others in their times of need is the best gift to humanity.” -Trisha Kapoor.

Organisations we are working with

These are the organisations we are working with to help tackle funeral poverty in Scotland.

Anderson Maguire Funeral Directors
Thistle Ceremonies Trading Ltd
Thistle Humanists CIC